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The World Standard
Ervin Industries founded in 1920 developed the patent on Metallic Blasting Materials and has continued to innovate and improve the promotion of metal particles. As a result, we have become the world leader in the Blast Cleaning, Shot Peening and Advanced Metal Powders.

Product Line

AMASTEEL Shot & Grit, AMACAST Stainless Steel Shot, AMAGRIT Stainless Steel Grit, Ervin Cut-wire Shot, Ervin Test Machine, Spot Check Kit, & Frangible Bullets.


Our products continue to find broad and growing applications in diverse markets.

The Ervin Difference

Ervin’s philosophy of manufacturing AMASTEEL & AMACAST is to produce the highest quality material so our customers achieve the lowest operating costs.

Ervin Technologies

Development & Promotion of Advanced Metal Powders.

Abrasive Blasting Materials

Ervin Industries brings atomizing technology to metal blasting materials for unmatched quality and accuracy. What began in 1920 is now an innovative company that is known worldwide as an industry leader in blast cleaning, shot peening, stone cutting, and other advanced metal powder processes. Over the decades, a keen eye on technology and a strong commitment to excellence have solidified Ervin Industries as the standard for metal particle performance.


Blasting materials began as a very low-tech endeavor, but today these powders and particles are engineered using the latest technological advancements and high-grade materials. Ervin technicians work diligently to create metal particle concepts that produce uniformity in a variety of blasting, peening, and cutting applications. Through advanced atomization technology, Ervin Industries produces superior blasting material with uniform microstructure and chemistry.


Ervin Industries products are applied in a wide variety of industries, and they are organized into three categories: blasting and surface preparation, peening, and cutting media. Media blasting is the heartbeat of Ervin Industries and the founding product of the company. We are uniquely qualified to provide the technology and application assistance needed to produce the precision and finish your company needs.

Peening, while similar to media blasting, requires particles of supreme uniformity. Our products provide exactly that, and peening applications allow our customers to fully take advantage of the benefits of our product performance advantages.

Stone cutting with Ervin Industries materials allows for a longer life of the saw blade and creates a more uniform cut. Our high-performance stone cutting products are used in large-scale granite or marble cutting, where long-lasting media and precision are imperative to the productivity of the operation.


From the uniformity that makes AMASTEEL stand out when compared to any other steel abrasive product on the market to the durable characteristics of AMACAST stainless steel abrasive, Ervin Industries products are built to rise above the competition. In fact, we have created the world standard for steel abrasive testing machines, which have become a fixture with our competitors.

We know that you will see the Ervin difference the second you speak to us. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can help you work smarter and more efficiently.

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