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Ervin Carbon Cut-Wire Steel Shot, The World Standard for quality shot peening.

The process of shot peening is critical to the improvement of fatigue life of metal components. Many peening applications require Cut Wire Steel Shot to deliver the impact energy into the metal surface. The quality and consistency of cutwire shot is very important to the success of the peening.

ERVIN CW is one of the leaders in Cut-wire Steel Shot. This shot is manufactured precisely to meet the most challenging specifcations for both AMS 2431/3 and AMS 2431/8 (Aerospace Material Specifcations) and SAE J441.


ERVIN CW gets its superior performance from an exlusive Thermal Treatment process, where the microstructure of the shot is refined to improve its life. ERVIN CW Steel Shot has the highest resistance to failure while delivering the lowest cost of consumption. The endurance (life) of ERVIN CW outpaces all others and offers the lowest cost of production.


  • Exclusive Heat Treatment for exceptional durability, resulting in very low usage
  • High Hardness, 55-62 HRC (Hardness Rockwell C)
  • Regular Hardness, 45-52 HRC (Hardness Rockwell C)
  • Uniform size and hardness for peening consistency
  • Produced in the USA

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