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Amasteel: Controlling the Blast-Cleaning Process




The Ervin 7-Step Program

  1. Keep all paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, etc., out of the blast-cleaning system.
  2. Replenish abrasive each operating shift. Never let the abrasive feed-hopper go below 2/3 full.
  3. Keep dribble valves (flapper valves) on all air-wash separator and expansion-trap discharge pipes.
  4. While maintenance manuals provide complete check lists, the following priority checks should be done with the frequency indicated:
    Daily: Inspect blast wheel components for excess wear
    • Check scalp screen for holes or plugging
    • Check ammeter readings
    • Check dust collector manometer or magnahelic gauge readings
    Weekly: Inspect for major system leaks
    • Check ventilator pipes for plugging or leaks
    • Check blast pattern aim
  5. Maintain a safety level supply of key replacement parts so timely replacement can be made when indicated by Step 4.
  6. At least once per week, analyze pellet size/distribution of the work-mix abrasive and of the abrasive in the discard from the scalp screen and the separator and expansion trap discharge pipes.
  7. Maintain a daily record of abrasive additions, parts replaced and wheel hours operated. Forms for recording daily data and charting weekly results are provided by Ervin. Time required to record the data is less than 5 minutes per shift per shot-blast unit.

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